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Welcome to Safe Dig Indiana

Welcome to Indiana’s free, online utility safety training system!

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has created this free training resource for anyone who works in excavation to learn more about working safely in Indiana. Currently, the available courses will teach excavators about the Indiana Dig Law and how that law affects your jobsite, including how the 811 system works and how to use 811 most efficiently.

Make sure to visit the Resources section for more information that can help you stay safe and keep your job on track. You are encouraged to print out and keep any information you believe can help keep your jobs moving safely and efficiently.

Check back frequently for new updates to the available resources and new training opportunities. If you have a suggestion for content you would like to see added, please contact the IURC here.

Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant

The Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant will provide funds to local governments for qualified employees to attend training and education programs designed to enhance safe practices around underground facilities or for the cost of a trainer to travel to a group of qualified employees. Eligible grantees include, but are not limited to, employees of local government entities, such as cities, towns, and counties, including representatives from municipally owned utilities.

All all grants will be distributed to the government entity, not directly to individuals. 

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, registration fees or seat costs, travel costs including gasoline and hotel, and other miscellaneous expenses related to training attendance requested on the grant application and approved by the IURC. Training must be located in Indiana to receive grant support.

All requests for a Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant will require a financial justification/explanation of need to receive funds.

All applicants for a Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant must successfully complete the the free, online safety training offered through this website. If you have not already registered your profile, click on the link above in the green bar. There are currently two training modules available which will give you good information about Indiana's dig law and how to use the 811 system properly. 

All applicants and those benefiting from a Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant must successfully complete the free, online safety training at www.safedigindiana.com before any funds will be dispersed. The individual applying for a Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant must submit his or her completion certificate with the application. All others involved with the training may submit their completion certificates after the grant is approved.  

The applicant and all persons taking training under this grant must complete the online training before taking the in-person training provided through this grant. Completion certificates for attendees should be submitted with the request for payment. 

Note - Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant training may NOT be used as a substitute for mandatory training given as a penalty by the Underground Plant Protection Advisory Committee (UPPAC).   

Download the Safe Dig Indiana | Local Grant Application here.

Completing the Application

Please fill out all fields completely in as much detail as possible. The start date for any proposed event must be after the date you send in the application. Applications for events that have already occurred may not be approved.


Possible training providers you may choose from include:  

Steve Baker

Indiana 811
Indiana 811

EMS training dates may be found at INPAA.org or by selecting 2018 EMS training
Excavator training dates may be found at IN.Pipeline-awareness.com
Additional training dates can be scheduled by contacting Tim Friesen or Steve Roberts

Indiana Damage Prevention Council (meeting or event)
You may determine the appropriate meeting by selecting your nearest region at www.Indiana811.org/DPC

Gas Operator with Facilities in Indiana

Contract Locator that Locates Facilities in Indiana

Other Indiana-Based Entity - You will be required to clearly describe your intended training provider if the provider is not included on the above list. 

If you need assistance selecting an appropriate training or education provider, please contact the UPPA Fund Program Manager Darby Miller at DarbMiller@urc.in.gov.

Questions regarding your application process in general should be directed to the UPPA Fund Program Manager at DarbMiller@urc.in.gov. Legal questions may be directed to Assistant General Counsel, DeAnna Poon, at dpoon@urc.in.gov

Completed applications should be emailed to the Underground Plant Protection Account Program Manager, at DarbMiller@urc.in.gov.

Granting of Funds

Your completion of this grant application does not guarantee that the IURC shall award grant funds.  Should the IURC provide a grant award, it will do so in writing.  The IURC will make every attempt to respond to application requests within thirty days. 

Applicants will be required to enter into a fully executed Grant agreement prior to the provision of Underground Plant Protection Account funds.  A sample Grant agreement is available here.

Please note that due to state procurement rules, a grant agreement is not necessary for grants of $5,000 or less. However, the IURC still requires a completed and approved grant application.